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Everywhere is Home

Migration is a reality in today’s European Union. Everywhere is Home is confident that the key for improving the social inclusion and acceptance of migrants/ refugees in the European societies is by identification and mapping of existing good practices by NGOs and public institutions, and offer new sets of measures, tools, and services that can be applied in the local contexts by NGOs and public institutions, thus improve the acceptance of migrants/refugees and improve the awareness of the general population towards this vulnerable group. Through focus groups, training events, a support guide and multicultural festivals, the project will target achieving its objectives.



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European Commission
FR01 Agence Erasmus+ France / Education et Formation

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€ 81.955

Sep 2020 – Aug 2022

4 Trans-national Project Meetings
2 Training Events

Adults, Young adults, leaders of NGOs in migrant issues, migrant and refugee NGOs