Project HAPPEY:

Heuristic Approach to Educating Youth on Hidden Hunger

The resilient Europe of tomorrow should consume healthy. Food production is hitherto not considered an interesting industry for youth to work in. Education in the quality of food consumed is vital to a healthy society. Our global food system faces never been seen stresses from the climate crisis, population growth and fractured supply chains.

The project will create a ‘Guidebook on Healthy Living and Sustainable Food Consumption’ in five languages that addresses the issues like sources of our food, hidden hunger, sustainable food production, regional European products, macro and micronutrient indicators to healthy living, how to go about bio-food and the issues of growing in the backyard while rounding up with the cause of the food industry and why youth need to open up their career options. There will also be informational and outreach sessions in each partner country, group physical cooking sessions and a chef guiding young individuals in an online cooking event.

By coming together, our project wants to tackle the issue of youth in the food industry, the issue of sustainable and healthy consumption patterns through a subtle way of culinary gourmet style ‘saveur’.


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European Commission
NO02 – Bufdir – Barne-, ungdomsog familiedirektoratet

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€ 60.000

Jan 2023 – Dec 2023

Multiple Outreach Sessions
3 Group Cooking Events
1 Online Cooking Session


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